Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest 'Protector' by Stargazer. See the full article (several pages of detailed instructions) in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller magazine issue 3 (out about Sept 06).

Simple kit, but excellent quality. It's solid of course, so lighting is a bit of a challenge.

An exstensive week-long chop job and rebuild is required

Molding and casting is essential to create clear windows for the lighting.

There is quite a bit of lighting involved, and about 50 high intensity blue and white l.e.d.'s.....

here's 12 UKpounds worth of high intensity blue l.e.d.'s for an engine....

....required all over the ship

....b ut there's no way around it!

Plenty of small red l.e.d.'s too. These in the wing roots caught me out until I saw the dvd again. There's worse to come, but you'll have to wait for the SF&F article to find out how I dealt with those!

Some sub-assemblies coming together

Most of it in one place now - no top deck and cabin lights yet.

...but the end results are quite stunning.

Stunning in some muted blue light.

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