Haunted Hogmanay is a 30-minute stop-frame animation by KoLik Films for BBC Scotland, to be screened on Sunday 31 December 2006 on BBC One Scotland at 5.25pm.

From Kolik, there will soon be this 30 minute animation. I was very pleased to be able to help them out with some practical lighting in the form of l.e.d. powered lanterns, site lights, safety lights and some other gizzmos. Be sure to visit their site in the coming months, as they will do some proper stills and samples - better than I can snap on my brief visits to drop stuff off. I'll update this page as often as I can over the next few days, up to the end of June. Some of these shots are grim, but working on my own I don't have anybody to help out with the camera!

Main: the lead character is silhouetted against a projector screen, by the light coming from the projector, which was a single 1/4 watt 15 degree l.e.d.. There's a working carousell and slides for the projector as well, of course.

Inset: view from the set stills camera.

Colour temperature trials for the site-light daisey-chain - two loops of ten 10mm l.e.d.'s in miniature wire cages, as per Screwfix!

more site-lights

Some inspection lights, modelled straight from the Screwfix catalogue again. Nice moire pattern from the wire cage in front of the lights.

A hard-hat - although this won't be getting used.

Lanterns - really small here. We needed a flickering and practical flame, so I solved this with this tiny dil switch, two 3.2V batteries in parallel for extra running time, and three 3mm l.e.d.'s. These would be operated randomly via the switches, giving flicker through the stop frame process.

Here's a prototype - we later used warmwhite l.e.d.'s.

This module gets placed into a lantern carcass - I made 10 of these modules to give them enough time to make the shots.

A test of the sodium streetlights - two 3W Luxeons. Er..... I think it's bright enough!

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