IM (Newfoundland 1)

Tthis 24 minute spectular sci fi film was in the Edinburgh International Film Festivalin 2005.

From HeeHaw productions, this ambitious short was expertly executed by inspired directorial and production input from Nick and Craig and will change peoples expectations about what can be done in Scotland. You'll see some of my special effects shortly.

The jobs started about 3 months before filming. I was too busy to take much in the way of pics I'm afraid. The story called for an ancient gravestone which crumbled to the touch. After drying 50kg of sand in my kichen oven and developing a crumbling mixture over a week, I had 4 gravestones ready. Impossible to test, I had to have total faith in my recipe and test samples! I finally settled on a 1.3% mix of acrylic glue to make a mortar.

You have no idea from this shot - but we were numb from the cold in horizontal drizzle here, after being on location since 5.00am. Of course, an anchor plate for this had to be driven into the heather - you had to be there!

"And will it crumble?" asked Neil, the actor. Yup, beautifuly.

How Neil survived this and pulled off the performance he did I'll never know. The bloke was brilliant. Later appeared in Taggart - he'll go far.

Next up were l.e.d. powered neck patches - this is why HeeHaw got in touch with me in the first place. These transdermal things were part of the interface that let society control its subjects in the film.

This one is embedded in latex, but we went on to use cap plastic.

Here's an early test.

A later version.

Here's Jenny on-set. The l.e.d.'s were in two different colours - blue and green.

Neil with his patch. The light flickered as the interface 'operated'. The wires ran out down a trouser leg, and I was out of shot controlling it.

The outside of the back of the set, with some of the graphics generating hardware and some Panavision grip

Close up of the back of the large plasma screens used as part of the set

Front of the screens with the set wall 'flown'

A frantic moment between shots

Lunch! The caterer was brilliant. In fact, everybody was!

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