2001 Orion Shuttle - cheap Airfix or fantastic Stargazer versions

Airfix - reasonable replica and about 26cm long.

There's only half a dozen parts in the kit and the fit is lousy, but unless you want to spend huge ammounts on a resin special this re-issue Airfix kit (complete with multicolour insanity decals) is the only one around at the moment.

Lighting starts with this bulkhead to help concentrate and reflect the light. 1 cm grid.

Here's the innards. Note the open channel right through to the nose to let light shine out the cockpit window, and the black (earth), red and green (nav lights) and white (cabin lights) wires.

After a very intensive paint job, here's the result. I've paneled the skin with matt and gloss white and white doped with various ammounts of silver to give a panelled appearance. This would be what a 'real' one would look like, while still being true to the movie craft which was plain white. The starboard green l.e.d. at the wing tip has washed out a little in this shot, but it's fine in close-up!

Stargazer version - see the full article in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Magazine

Superb quality, in terms of kit production and accuracy, this kit retails at about £75, and my fully detailed step-by-step lighting instructions in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy magazine will show you exactly how to light it into a studio quality show stopper. Here are some samples of the article.

Drilling out for the cargo bay flood lights

Some intricate drilling out for navigation light l.e.d.'s (1.8mm ceramics) and wires

Finding the c.of.g for the stand

X marks the spot

Lighting test of the cargo bay flood lights

Wiring up the sub assemblies

Door hinges, step 1

Door hinges, step 2

Articulating manipulator arm - this isn't in the kit. you'll have to make your own

The pod is 1cm across, but contains interior lights and 4 spots!


Milling out it's interior

A complex blend of ducted lighting and translusence, the 4 fibre optic stubs and two internal l.e.d.'s combine....

..... to give a very nice effect.

After an extensive paint and finish job.

The pod on it's support wire

...just above the satellite

And now some shots against a black background, bringing out the lighting nicely.

Lit pod, fully articulated manipulator arm, working bay doors, navigation lights, beacon, strobe, cargo bay floods and interior lit cockpit detail. And you thought my prices were expensive?

Straight off the movie set.

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