Star Gate forehead patch

How about a prosthetic forehead patch for a change? This is the closest thing you'll get to real special effects makeup - because it is real special effects makeup!

It'll survive water and a good deal of abuse, and will last a couple of days if re-applied in the morning.

At the WorldCon, I'll be offering unlimited re-applications of the patch to attendees who buy them.

And, absolutely positively guaranteed never to wear, tear, or loose their colour!!

We start with some masters made from rolled out epoxy putty.

This is pressed into a casting compound. In this case, it's Protesil silicone casting putty. It sets in about 2 minutes into a flexible rubber like mass.

Into this, some Cap Plastic laced with gold paint pigment is painted. Cap Plastic is a vinyl based prosthetic product. When the rings have set, a thin skin of clear Cap Plastic is built up, so that it can be peeled off in a single sheet and stuck on with some spirit gum.

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