Sense of Wonder: scratchbuilt concept art

This started as a whimsical idea a few years ago, and in some slack time last year I roughed out a hull from some polystyrene, then it kicked about the workshop for 6 months. I found it again, and experimented with some techniques before I realised that it was too far along to be an experiment any more - so here it is.

It's about 75cm long.

It's originally from the Sense of Wonder short story collection featuring John Wyndham. New English Library, ISBN 0-450-02247-1 - 90125, 1969.

Here's the original paperback cover art.

Being this size certainly made the paint job easy.

Numerous spotlights built into the hull make it quite photogenic

Close up of the bridge with internal detail and illumination

Engine detail

Photographed in it's own light and with normal lighting

Well, how would the crew get in if it didn't have a docking port....

Here's the real thing on final approach just outside my house last night....

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