BattleStar Galactica: Viper

A good quality kit let down by the strange choice of a solid canopy. This was easy to fix with a mini drill and razor saw, then some acetate glued in with canopy glue. Plenty of detailing opportunities in the kit, and a decent size at 18cm.

Here are your canopy templates - 1cm grid.

Watch out for the engine halves - they won't line up - I used lollypop sticks for splints while the glue dried.

Here's the lightproofing and the backside of the instrument panel

Close up of the instrument panel after the 40-odd fibre optic plugs had been inserted and painted with translucent pigment

After an extensive painting and weathering job.

Nice engine detail.

I added these home made turbines as the kit parts were plain domes. I've seen the turbines in the t.v. series.

The instrument panel, complete with DRAGUS display.

Would make a cracking pair with the Cylon Raider.

Supplied with a base including 4.5V power socket and switch, which interfaces with the model through a socket discretely fitted through the floor.

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