Borg Eyepiece

A completely scratch-built, full-size, fully functional, self powered, adjustable Borg 'implant'. You know you'd love one - resistance is futile!

Disclaimer: Star Trek merchandise is licensed to Paramount. I don't sell this model, it is for photographic purposes only.

The first step was to assemble plane for a cardboard maquette.

The maquette is built round a thin copper headband which would keep the 'implant' in place.

To make the thing wearable, I had to make it adjustable. The forming rib doubled as a slider which would fit into a socket - but obviously this would need a profile which was circular, or it would stick: it wasn't easy to fit this to a head!

Here's the back 2/3 of the 'implant' - there's a space to sit over the ear, the slider socket is in place, and the headband has been securely glued in between two sheets of styrene

Here's the completed 'implant' with the essential parts highlighted. The detailing came from kit-bashed junk, including ships, tanks and aircraft - whatever the local model shop is selling of for 99p and whatever I have in the junk box - never throw anything away!

For instance - the blue l.e.d. at the front is buried inside the front half of the rotary cylinder block from a Dornier Do217 bomber, the blue fins are 4mm 'I' beam styrene strip cut to length and stuck onto 5mm styrene pipe, and that lot is stuck onto a Tiger Tank road wheel - the whole assembly then is stuck to the front of the forming rib.

The hidden l.e.d. is underneath some junk with spaces so that it's Borg-green light shows through and gives the impression of 3-D volume.


I use 6 candela l.e.d.'s - very bright indeed.

Top view....

An effect shot....

Here it is in action, with the air loaded with a little smoke to highlight the beam from the front l.e.d.. I used blue for this one, like Janeways in a Voyager episode from series 7.

This is positively eery at night!!

Remember, Star Trek merchandise is licensed to Paramount, so this is not for sale!

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