baby Dragon

Don't know where the inspiration came from, but it looks great, and it's indestructible - would make a good kids present.

I started with a template for a dragon, including a placenta and grossly oversized head (and particularly the eyes), typical of all higher animals. This was formed from milliput with black card wings - I tried all sorts before settling on this. It gives a good 3-D image when rotating in front of the light.

An ornamental egg was moulded in condensing polymer, then cut in two - just past the mid-line, to give me something to pour resin into.

Resin was poured upto the halfway point and, when it was just going off, I stuck the dragon into it. When it hardened, the mould was re-filled and the resin half-egg was pushed on top to form a whole egg.

The resin was doped with white acryllic paint and incompletely mixed to give an 'organic' appearance.

With a red led behind, the resin surface diffracts the light just enough - I needed a reasonably collimated beam to provide an image - any more duffision and you wouldn't have seen anything! I'll embed the led in a 'nest' of some suitably dragon-ish material.

See other colours available.

more pics soon.....

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