The Fantasy Art section - stone henges and formations - new additions for the WorldCon

Made from various crystals, these formations are bright enough to be attractive by day or night. With a variety of colours available (see them here) and layouts limited only by imagination (and funds), these will appeal to a variety of tastes!

This blue/green version is quite expensive.

The secret lies with the light transmission method, so I'll keep it a secret for a while yet!

The finish is natural or simulated grass or rock on a resin, slate or sandstone base. All are powered from a 4.5V adapter (included) or 3xAA batteries - or add £5 on to have both options built in. The henge bases are only 1.5cm high, but make that 3cm if you want the battery option.

UK pounds: 60

Here's another, with 13 white markers, and orange and blue uprights. For the more pagan members, this one might be a bit more accurate! 22cm diameter, 12cm uprights

UK pounds: 60

Here's an 18cm diameter red/orange version

UK pounds: 55

Here's an 18cm diameter green/orange version

UK pounds: 60

I'm working on a better digital camera, as the colours are a bit washed out here - the orange is the same intensity as the inner ring on the one above (!)

Here's a selection....

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