Klingon Bird of Prey

Updated article for 2005.

This was generally a good kit, with sharp detail and hardly any fitting work required except for the side strips at the neck. Although there aren't many parts in the kit, it does take a bit of planning to make the best of it and hopefully this review will help with the more obscure points. With lights added and a muted, dirtied-down paint scheme, this kit is a real eye catcher and is harder to get now.

To save space, I piggy-backed the nose room light l.e.d. onto the torpodeo tube l.e.d.. Note the lightproofing round the tube extension - this way the light from one system won't pollute the other.

The l.e.d.'s for the hull light are suspended like this. By doing this, I get the same l.e.d.'s to illuminate above and below the bulkhead, saving time, money and battery power.

The light chamber for the warp emitter.

The bulkhead to be made to contain the light for the hull shoulder pieces - if you don't do this, the light leaks out around the radiator baffles.

Almost nobody else gets this one - the red windows under the shoulder pieces.

All the parts arranged together and wires passed through to trim for attaching to the power jack - a 6-way mini-din.

No detail on the wing l.e.d.'s - they were too simple!

Looks in a sorry state like this!

Here's the last stage before gluing up. Note that the baffles are already glued to the wings, and the whole thing has been fully painted.

A wings up / down comparison.

Same shot a bit darker.

Back quarter.

The engine parts look good on or off!

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