Illuminated Moon

Just an experiment with what was possible with backlit illumination. A moon picture seemed a suitable challenge, as it has to be of photographic quality, yet with an even illumination.

Left: a wooden disc is routered out and filled to half depth with clear resin. When this goes off, an acetate of the moon is placed on it and covered with more resin doped with 0.05% white pigment to scatter the light.

Right: the resin is sanded smooth, painted white to contain the light in the scattering layer, then 16 l.e.d.'s are located.

Totally solid state of course, like the pentagram and sigil. Lasts a lifetime!

A light test, showing the stumps of the wooden chanels just visible through the white paint.

Finished and polished, it doesn't look too bad as it is!

At a dim setting, the image quality is vibrant and just about right. Good at night, where at about 2.5m it subtends about the same angle as the real Moon. One night when it's clear I'm going to compare them!

At full power, it looks good in bright daylight.

But how thick is it Dave? Some people ask the strangest questions... it's about 37mm thick.

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