Show Ponies (Tartan Small - KoLik Films:

I got involved with KoLik in response to an e-mail asking for help with whiskey bottles for another of theirs - Goodfellas. They make really good stuff - check out their site.

The job here was to make two horse boxes - an old beat-up one and a fancy one. Unfortunately, time constraints stopped me getting any pictures of the fancy one - pity, as it was quite detailed, with 20 small flap doors, 3 large roller shutter doors, and a flip down, roll up, roll over door - all of which had to stay put for the stop frame process.

Here's the original sketch I worked from

....and the end result

Back door, fold-down style with swing-out wooden gates. Model aircraft nylon hinges tacked up with varnish gave an unobtrusive friction hinge that stayed where it was put for the stop-frame process.

Here's the fancy lorry sketch.

More pictures whenever I can find them.

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