Well, I'm going to have to bve very careful with this one because of copyright issues. Basically, we contacted an authors agent and asked if we could make a model out of a description of this. Why? my wife liked the books!

This Skimmer model is not intended to be the definitive representation, nor is it for sale, nor does it mean anyone is going to make a film. It just represents a bit of good fun on my part, although it is a particularly good match, I thought!

If nothing else, check out the last few images of the set on this page!!

Here's what I had to go on. Not very much, but enough along with the odd description in the books. I'm not going to broadcast it, but if you e-mail me I'll tell you which book series it's from.

Some rough dimensioned sketches were roughly rendered to keep me right. Obviously there are some perspective issues, but by looking at basic human anatomy and with the descriptions of the thing, I put this together.

A hoop going round the top deck, made from styrene tube, and filled with epoxy to give me something to make rounded corners with.

The concave detailing between decks - more tube, this time drawm past my mini bench saw.

The interior: just like a dates packet!

The canopy, which is actually quarters from a pop bottle

The top deck and canopy frame, made of moulded I beam section.

Major components. Note the power plug and internal wiring. There are two overhead cabin lights on the canopy frame too.

One day, about half way through....

A light test. Note the internal detailing with the control console and the internal illumination from the overhead cabin lights.

The blue glow from the engines was a guess - I never did find out what colour they should have been.

Lovely deep silver colour, just like the cover art from the book.....

"Why's it silver", asked Anne? It's supposed to be orange!

What do I know? I don't read the books, I just build the stuff, and if it's silver on the cover.... oh well, stright to the paint shop....

And you'd never know it used to be silver.

Note the spotlights, just visible by their glow cast on the top of the bottom plate.

The ship is on it's stand here, which contains the buttons that operate the various lights - engines, spots, cabin and control panels.

The set. Some sand glued to styroboard, with illuminated crystals embedded at the back. The illumination of the crystal is still a secret, so forgive me if I don't show that bit.

Note the stand on the right, with a jump lead going from it's socket to the ship, which is on another small stand.

The figure in the foreground came from the spares box - I think it's a nurse from a childs toy set, but it was the right scale!

Some more angles. Most of the illumination here comes from the Skimmers own spotlights.

Some more angles, really giving the impression of hovering, and showing off the spotlight illumination.

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