Rebel X-Wing Fighter

Updated article for 2005
includes lit R2D2 !

This is a surprisingly good quality kit, with good, clean mouldings and articulated wings. Lighting modifications are easy, and the end result is a fairly large kit (about 28cm) and very eye-catching with a good weathering job - especially with a swamp diorama around it!

The biggest problem was going to be running the wires to the articulated wings, while keeping them invisible. It was fiddley, because the wings have an axle running through them. Note that 4 covers like this white one are required to hide them when the wings are closed. Note the early weathering job - this would have been nearly impossible when the thing was made up.

Here's the wiring bundle emerging from the bottom surface, and tidied up to just 1 red and 1 black. This fits into the fuselage, but there aint much room, so I ended up nearly completing the paint job, and having the wings attached to the power socket (see below) with just 3cm of wire. That way, there's hardly any wire to have to tuck in under the covers - just leave enough so that the wings can open - that one caught me out, and I had to pull them apart to fix it.

The bottom of the top, and the top of the bottom! On top is the underside of the cockpit, with a well made out of plasticard. This has been drilled out to make an instrument panel, and different coloured gels stick on to give colour. The light source is a white led, which sits on the white bulkhead on the lower piece - this stops the light shining out of the gun ports. The gray lump is Milliput covering the redundant stand hole. The shiny area is set epoxy, surrounding the power jack socket.

A bit of airbrushing and paint distressing, and the end result is a cracker. Note the spiral paint job on the weapons, the metal parts detailing the machinery and the cockpit lights.

Here's the upgrade, mainly for the WorldCon this year - a lit R2D2. It's a little smaller than a baked bean, but contains 3 light sources - one constant and 2 colour changing. Here's one of the lights.

I couldn't manage a video, so I snapped away until I got two different colours!

Engine detail, with some inlaid metallic parts.

Here's the old one in a swamp set.

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